The Camelizer is a Browser Plugin that Shows You Price History and Discount Alerts

Camelizer Price Tracking Browser Plugin

Camelizer is a free  browser extension/add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that aids online shopping. The developer of the Camelizer created three websites, one built for Amazon, one built for Amazon, one built for BestBuy, and one specifically built for Newegg. The plugin pulls all of the information from these price tracking websites and make it available on the go while shopping online. I installed the Camelizer and took it for a spin, and it turns out that it works well with all of the sites, though it offered significantly more information on Amazon.

When viewing a product page, the Camelizer will appear as small button near the address bar. If you hover over this button, it will make a large white box appear filled with a chart of price history for that item. In the case of Amazon, it will compare the price to that of vendors selling on or through Amazon (unfortunately it doesn’t calculate shipping while doing so).

price tracker

Product price tracking worked similar with both Newegg and BestBuy.

There’s also a button for price tracking alerts. This allows you to setup a desired price, and once the product drops to that price the Camelizer can then notify you via email or Twitter  This is a great way to track products on your wish list that you aren’t willing to buy unless they are on sale. Just add a price-drop notification to Camelizer and then forget about the product until you get an email about it.

price drop notification

Overall I found Camelizer to be extremely useful for online shopping. There’s other browser plugins that also offer Amazon price tracking, but Camelizer is one of the few to do it across multiple websites. If you love shopping online I suggest you give it a try, it’s free!

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